Is Same-Day Service Possible for Mobile Imaging?

From staff schedules to resident needs to compliance concerns, your administrative duties seem never-ending. 

Your daily task load can hardly handle navigating the transport and testing of residents at a hospital when a concern arises – so you call a mobile imaging company to come do the job at your facility. But, now your nurses are spending 15 minutes placing orders rather than taking care of residents. 

The illustration above is probably a familiar one. Now, imagine this instead:

One of your nurses notices that a resident’s oxygen levels are particularly low. She alerts a physician and, within minutes, sends in an order with Mobile Images to conduct a chest x-ray. Two hours later a technician arrives to conduct the x-ray and digitally sends the scan to a radiologist. By the end of the day, your physician has a report and a directive of care to treat the resident. What could have been an arduous journey to the hospital, with fees and endless wait times, turns into a simple process of discovering an issue, receiving the answers you need, and getting your resident back on track toward optimal health.

Same-Day Service When You Need it Most

With mobile x-ray companies you are able to skip the emergency room wait times and the delays caused by overworked and understaffed hospital radiology departments. Convenience is key, but so is speed. You need to be ensured that you will get same-day service not just for x-rays, but also for ultrasounds, EKG exames, and echocardiograms. You also need to have this same assurance even if your facility is in a rural community.

At Mobile Images, we promise that you won’t have to wait days for service. We are always there the same day you place your order. 

Same-Day Service – How It Works:

  1. Patient assessment by the physician
  2. Nurse places the order with Mobile Images in two minutes or less
  3. Dispatch inputs demographic information, facility information, and patient symptoms (establishing the medical necessity for the mobile imaging services)
  4. Technician arrives at facility the same day
  5. Technician takes the image and reviews the scan
  6. Scan is sent to the reading radiologist/radiology group
  7. Report is sent to Mobile Images and faxed to the facility
  8. Follow-up call to ensure report is received

Partnering with a mobile x-ray company will make your life easier. That partnership should go beyond convenience – it should include trust, personal care, and the fastest turnaround times in the industry. 

When residents require immediate directive of care…when families are anxiously awaiting test results…when the speed of a trusted report can be the difference between a healthy patient and an empty bed. That’s when same-day service doesn’t just make sense, it becomes imperative.

At Mobile Images, we have the fastest TAT in the industry. Learn More.