The Cost of Empty Beds

In a care facility, maintaining census isn’t just ideal, it’s vital for your bottom line. 

A lot of cost is associated with sending residents to the hospital. It can have a negative impact on the health of the facility since senior care facilities are financially the healthiest when beds are full. But transporting residents from your facility goes beyond losing revenue from not having that resident in a bed. You also have ambulance fees, emergency room fees, and emergency room doctor fees. The nursing home may bear those costs depending on the type of facility and the medical treatment coverage.

Beyond the monetary costs, there are also the costs to the resident. Removing residents from senior care facilities can be disorienting to patients and even have a negative impact on their health. When caring for individuals who may be suffering from memory loss, limited mobility, and other physical and mental ailments, it is important to keep them on a comfortable schedule. 

Removing residents from your facility to a hospital even just for an afternoon can cause confusion and take days for recuperation. With Mobile Images, you are able to keep your costs down and your residents at home.

When it is in the best interest of the resident and the facility, it makes the most sense to utilize mobile imaging technology to address the needs of the resident without taking them out of their familiar environment.  

To learn more about incorporating mobile imaging services at your facility, especially during a pandemic, please reach out to one of our helpful team members.