Bone Density

Osteoporosis Screening

Mobile Images provides bone density screenings at the heel using dexa scan equipment.  T-Score results are instantly printed on-site and left with the physicians.  Bone Density exams are offered Monday through Friday.

A bone density test determines if a patient has osteoporosis (a disease that causes bones to become more fragile and more likely to break).  This test makes it possible to know a patient’s risk of breaking bones before it occurs.

Bone Density Screening Guidelines

These are the ONLY reasons that Medicare/Medicaid will accept for Bone Density. Without one of these reasons, your facility will be responsible for paying for the screening.

  • 252.01  Primary Hyperparathyroidism
  • 256.2  Postablative Ovarian Failure
  • 256.31  Premature Menopause
  • 275.40  Unspecified Disorder Calcium Metabolism
  • 627.1  Postmenopausal Bleeding
  • 627.2   Symptomatic Menopausal or Female Climacteric States
  • 627.3  Postmenopausal Atrophic Vaginitis
  • 627.4  Symptomatic States Associated with Artificial Menopause
  • 627.8   Other Unspecified Menopausal or Postmenopausal Disorders
  • 733.13  Pathological Fracture of Vertebrae
  • V49.81  Asymptomatic Postmenopausal Status-Age Related/Natural
  • V58.65  Long Term/Current Use of Steroids