Tutorial and Tips on Using the System

Medi-Matrix…………..Your Website@

Just click on………………Facility log in


Physician and Patients

This is where all your ordering Physicians or Nurse Practioners can be added to your facility.


New Orders:  This is where you can enter X-ray, Ultrasound, EKG, Holter Monitor and Bone Density orders.

  1. Always input patient’s last and first name.  Then press the search button to make sure that your patient does not have a previous study.  If they do, all required information is already entered.
  2. If the patient does not have any previous exams, please click on the ADD + button to the right.
  3. Please only fill in the red highlighted boxes, then hit save at the bottom.
  4. Please skip the next step, leaving our staff to fill out the insurance information and go to the place order tab in the right corner of the screen.
  5. At this stage enter the information again in red and hit save.
  6. Your order has been placed!

In Progress:  This is where you can see the orders that are in progress for the day.  The right side shows the status of our Technologist “in route” to your facility to conduct the exams ordered.

Medical Records

Exams by Month:  This shows all the patients that have had studies for the current month.

Exams by Patient:  This gives you access to all the individual patient’s exams.

Extend Patient Access:  With a call to our office, we can give on-line access for patient’s exams and reports to any Physician or Practioner.  ** This application is great for Orthopedics and Pulmonologists **

Management & Statistics:  This is a reporting function that allows your facility to print out all of your patients for the month.  This report shows patient’s name, exam, report and conclusion.  The report helps your utilization department quickly identify all exams with positive results, eliminating the need to take numerous hours digging through charts for reports.


Logs:  This allows the Facility Administrator of your website to see users and their activities.

Users:  This is where the Facility Administrator of your website can add and remove users (staff members).

  1. Please go over to the right and click the ADD + button on the right.
  2. The username must be at least 6 letters.
  3. The password must contain one capital letter, 6 additional letters and 2 numbers.
  4. When the user logs in they will have to create a 4 digit pin.