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What is Medi-Matrix?

Medi-Matrix, our user-friendly web based software program, provides you the opportunity to place orders via a secure Internet server, view images, print reports, obtain images on a CD, and provide additional Quality Assurance/Quality Control measures 24 hours a day at no charge.  Another great advantage of our system is that physicians, administrators, and nursing supervisors can view secure records anywhere there is an Internet connection.  Medi-Matrix also allows you to compare side-by-side with previous studies.  Outside physicians can access Medi-Matrix to view all patient films and reports for referral cases.

Is there an additional charge for a STAT exam or cancellation?

Mobile Images has no hidden charges, including no extra charges for STAT’s or cancellations. In an instance when an order must be cancelled, please notify Mobile Images as quickly as possible.

When will our Facility receive billing?

All billing is completed in-house by Mobile Images. Statements for facilities will be on one invoice for all patients per month. Statements will be received by your office staff on the first business day of the month.

Billing Information

We continuously improve our company guidelines for Medicare documentation and medical necessity. Please take a few minutes to look over the following information and pass it onto your staff and co-workers. These are not new guidelines but ones that we want to reemphasize the importance of compliance for both our company and your facility.

Physician Orders
  1. Mobile Images must have a signed physician order for each procedure we perform. The order must be signed by the treating physician, not the patient’s attending.
  2.  The order must include the exam, the body part, and the number of views needed.
  3.  The order must also have the reason (symptoms only) for the exam stated.
  4.  Orders for diagnostic examinations must meet medical necessity and this must be clearly documented in the patient’s chart, on the order and on the exam requisition.
  5.  Physician’s name should be printed above or below their signature.
  6.  The orders much have a documented reason for portability.  This should always be documented in the patient’s chart.
    **If the order does not meet these guidelines, it will be returned for revision.
ABN-Advance Beneficiary Notice

If the doctor has ordered an exam that is not deemed medically necessary, the patient’s responsible party will be required to sign an ABN (located on the back of our requisition) prior to the service being delivered. If Medicare does not cover the exam, the procedure will be billed to the responsible party.

Thank you for your continued support in our efforts to provide the best of care for your patients.

What types of insurance does Mobile Images accept?

Mobile Images accepts all major insurance carriers, including Medicare and Medicaid claims.

Are transportation charges split between the number of patients seen per visit to the Facility?

Yes, transportation charges are split between the number of patients per visit.

Is there a limit to how many trips Mobile Images makes per day to a Facility?

No, there is no trip limit to a Facility.  However, if you are able to group your exams to one trip, there may be a cost savings.

Does Mobile Images subcontract for services rendered?

All x-ray and ultrasound exams are completed by fully licensed  Mobile Images’ employees.

How does Mobile Images stay current on Medicare laws and by-laws?

Mobiles Images is a member of the NAPXP (National Association of Portable X-Ray Providers).  This membership provides us with the most up-to-date information on Medicare laws and by-laws.

Is Mobile Images HIPPA compliant?

Mobile Images complies with all HIPPA rules and regulations and is dedicated to maintaining patient confidentiality rights.  All information contained within a patient’s medical record or as accessed via Medi-Matrix will be maintained in a confidential manner.  All requests for patient medical information must be released by proper authorization. Additionally, we are committed to full compliance with all federal, state, and local laws.

What if I am unable to leave my house for the exam?

Mobile Images is a mobile company.  Therefore, with a physician’s order, we are able to perform all studies in your home.  This provides ease as you remain in the comfort of your own home.

Can my Facility integrate Medical Records (EMR)?

Yes, our MediMatrix system can securely connect to your EMR providing:

  • Seamless transmission of all orders from your facility’s EMR to MediMatrix
  • Access to patient reports directly to your system
  • Elimination of paperwork